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Parent Company

Cubis Systems (parent company) is Europe’s leading manufacturer of network access chamber and ducting systems, used in the construction of infrastructure networks for rail, telecoms, water, construction and power markets.

Cubis has developed an innovative approach in an old-fashioned industry. This has been achieved by developing quality products which replace traditional construction materials, like bricks and concrete, with lightweight plastics incorporating intelligent design features. These can then be installed faster and ultimately save our customers both time and money.

Cubis manufactures preformed network access chamber systems STAKKAbox™, AX-S™ access covers, MULTIduct™ multiple duct system and RAILduct™ cable trough at its manufacturing sites throughout the UK and Ireland these products are exported to more than 25 countries throughout the World.

For further information regarding Cubis Systems please visit the website by clicking here.