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Walk-through Gas Kiosk


The Brief:

The Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is carrying out a five year programme of energy upgrading. This work includes the installation of a new 13MWh, 7 bar gas supply, new pressure regulators and meter rig together with a new buried meter outlet system.

A 5.2m x 2.2m kiosk with two pairs of doors to specification IGE/GM8 within the auspices of IGE/5/Edition 2 was required.

The Solution:

The contractor for these works was GBH Utilities Ltd of Rotheram, a GIRS and Gasafe contractor working directly for the NHS Trust.

The kiosk was delivered in July 2014, the location of the rig meant that a long-reach lorry mounted crane was used to position the kiosk.

A high degree of collaboration between the two companies was required to ensure the adequacy of the design and this paid off in the trouble free installation which was completed within an hour.

The Results:

Trevor Davies, Managing Director of GBH Utilities Ltd said “The installation time was a bonus: we worked closely with MCL to develop the design and ensure conformance with IGE/GM/8 requirements. Basically, we specified our requirements and MCL did the rest! We had something like a two hour window for the kiosk installation due to site circumstances and associated work activities so, to coin a phrase, ‘just-intime’ delivery was essential for the success of the job. I’m pleased to say that this was achieved without difficulty and, because of the close collaboration and detailed planning, the installation was a matter of routine."