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Bore-hole Kiosks

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20140924 140535 cropped
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MCL’s Bore-hole Kiosk is designed to house and protect bore-hole pumps which extract fresh ground water for drinking.

Manufactured with security in mind, the bore-hole kiosk is designed to restrict access to the fresh water supply and reduce the risk of intentional/unintentional water contamination.

We offer partitioning walls as a standard feature to create control panel compartments, this feature elimates the need for unwanted access into the kiosk where the bore-hole is stored.


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  • Partitioning wall to allow for a control panel compartment
  • Fan mounting holes
  • Internal vent outlet (vent from pump to outside)
  • Louvres
  • Removable roof
  • Removable sill (threshold)
  • Catflap- cable access door
  • Standard colour is green 14C39, other colour available on request 

Available in two standard sizes:

  • 4m W x 3m D x 2.2m H
  • 6m W x 3m D x 2.2m H (with internal meter compartment)
  • Sliding hatch max 1.5x1.5 clear opening
  • Flat-pack delivery available for on-site assembly where access is restricted 
  • Bottom level lifting solutions (lifted into place from the bottom of the kiosk to prevent working at height)