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Chlorination Kiosks

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MCL’s Gas Tight Chlorination Kiosk is designed to protect customer's equipment against attack or contamination.

Ensuring the safety of the customer’s equipment is crucial as many of our Chlorination Kiosks house chemicals and equipment used in the cleaning and supplying of fresh drinking water.

We offer internal sealed walls as a standard feature to create gas tight rooms. In many instances this is critical as a kiosk could be holding a number of different chemicals and/or pieces of equipment that if mixed together could be potentially dangerous. As part of the manufacturing process we also offer an in-house smoke test to ensure that the kiosk, and any segregated rooms within the kiosk, are gas tight.

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  • Internal gas sealed walls to create separate rooms
  • In house smoke tested before shipping to ensure kiosk is gas tight
  • Removable roof
  • Chemical/Gas containment
  • Removable sill
  • Base plates to allow easier fitting of equipment for the customer
  • Option steel or GRP doors
  • Panic bars
  • Bottom level lifting solutions (lifted into place from the bottom of the kiosk to prevent working at height)
  • Standard size of 12m x 3m x 3m
  • Standard colour is green 14C39, other colour available on request.
  • Flat-pack delivery available for on-site assembly where access is restricted
  • Factory built to reduce installation time
  • Can be delivered and be fully operational within hours