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Corbilt™ Kiosks

J12697 - ASP MCC No. 2 Kiosk - 5.JPG

GRP kiosks have many advantages over traditional, brick-built and steel enclosures. Off-site construction provides a quicker installation time reducing the impact on the site surroundings during construction unlike a traditionally built kiosk. With the added flexibility of design and choice of external finishes GRP kiosks give a visually pleasing housing that suits its environment.

MCL’s Corbilt™ kiosks are custom designed to the customers specification. Corbilt™ kiosks can be almost any size, (our largest dimensions to date being 20m length, 8m depth, 5m height) a wide range of options and accessories are available (page 6/7) MCL offers a delivery and installation service for fully built or flat-packed kiosks for on-site assembly.

Corbilt™ Kiosks have been designed and innovated to incorporate a range of options for use in various applications and sectors.