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MCL Industrial Enclosures Ltd have manufactured and supplied GRP kiosks and enclosures for the electricity, gas and water industries, since 1977.

Our range of security enclosures had been developed primarily for use in the water industry but is now being specified for many varied applications within the utility and infrastructure markets.

MCL Industrial Enclosures are amongst the first in the UK to supply and install GRP kiosks for a number of key water authorities and utility contractors with our GRP kiosks and enclosures seen as the perfect solution for housing plant and equipment used for the treatment of both clean and dirty water.

MCL are specified as a framework supplier of choice for many of the UK’s largest water companies and also supply product independently to all the tier one and tier 2/3 contractors who build infrastructure and supply ancillary plant and equipment.

Water Products

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Sewers for Adoption Kiosks

Sewers for Adoption Kiosks - designed to house and protect sewerage pump control panels

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Chlorination Kiosks

The Gas Tight Chlorination Kiosk - designed to protect customer's equipment against attack

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Blower Kiosks

The Blower Kiosk - designed to house equipment used to supply pumped air to blower pumps

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Chemical Containment Kiosks

Chemical Containment Kiosks - designed to prevent the leakage of potentially harmful chemicals

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Bore-hole Kiosks

The Bore-hole Kiosk - designed to house and protect bore-hole pumps

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